massage in the workplace

Have you considered providing massage for your staff?
Incorporate chair massage into your corporate wellness plan.
Events can be tailored to your needs – please call for discussion.

Why offer massage to your staff?  Consider your ROI – It isn’t a large investment to:

Increase employee productivity by reducing their stress and increasing their energy levels.
You can’t change their workload but you can help them manage stress!
Enhance your corporate culture and promote employee good will.
Employees look at this as something an employer does because they really care.
Set your company apart from your competitors-a benefit you can emphasize during the hiring process.
Your company could spend less on this benefit than on other benefits you consider.

On-site massage program examples:

  • Once a month / once a quarter
  • Align with a health or benefits fair
  • Promote a corporate sponsorship of a non-profit health fundraiser
  • Align with a health observance, i.e. annual “Wear Red” day (heart)
  • Align with a corporate walk/run/bicycle ride
  • Annual employee appreciation / Valentine’s Day
  • Celebrate the completion of major deadline/project/tax season
  • Annual staff / leadership retreat

Cost options to consider:

> Company sponsored:

  • Four hour event – $300
  • Eight hour event – $500
  • Two-day eight hour event – $800
    Ongoing contracts – price reductions based on scheduling frequency.

> Pay as you go-employees self-pay (participant threshold requirements)

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