policies and values

Customer care policy
My mission is to fully utillize my skills, education, and compassion in each session.
My commitment
In fulfilling my mission, I strive at all times to provide services respectfully,
professionally, and in a safe and welcoming environment.

all are welcome here
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The practitioner-client relationship
The professional-client relationship is a fiduciary one (based on trust) in which
you must trust that I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide quality care,
but also one in which you retain significant responsibility and authority (autonomy)
for decisions about what happens to you.
It is my responsibility to: do no harm (beneficence); keep promises (fidelity);
be honest; maintain client confidentiality; work for and in your best interests;
encourage client autonomy by obtaining meaningful informed consent and
ensuring you have a voice in your treatment and treatment plan;
make reparations for any past injustices or perceived injustices; and be
respectful of you regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, age, gender,
sexual orientation, social or health status.
Cancellation policy
As a courtesy, please provide 24-hour notice when canceling an appointment.
Canceling day-of or being a ‘no-show’ may result in a service charge.
Thank you for trusting yourself to my care.